Failure to download emails -- Client Application Error

This is my second attempt to get some help with a persistent problem that I have had for two weeks.

I have been using eM Client for about a year without any significant problems until now.  I believe my problem started after a Windows 10 upgrade.

I get repeated “eM Client Application Errors” stating that an error has occurred which prevents the application from continuing.  If I press continue with the restart application option, the data checks are successfully completed and I finish up with the program up and exactly the same error message.  If I ignore the application error message and do not press continue, I can send emails, but none are received.  (My previous posting included a copy of a long error report generated).

I have two email accounts: an POP3/SMTP account and an IMAP/SMTP account.  Only the IMAP account fails to receive emails.  A second windows account on my machine also uses eM Client with a IMAP/SMTP email account using the same service provider and servers and there is no problem with it.

I have checked all email settings and passwords and cannot find a problem.  I have uninstalled eM Client twice, (once using Windows and the other time using your uninstaller) and downloaded and re-installed eM Client all to no avail.

The IMAP diagnostic for the account runs and reports that all is well.

I am looking for ideas as to how to solve this problem.  (At present I am operating using web mail to receive emails and eM Client to send them).


I have had the same issue for the last 3 weeks with no success. Purchased Pro for VIP assistance with no success to date. Have given up for time being and using Mailbird which works fine,.

I also had to give up with eM Client and switch to Mailbird.  I had a minor issue with Mailbird, but support is readily available from them.

That good to know as support from em client is non existent. It’s been 3 days now with no reply from the supposively VIP and I can’t seem to get my money back.