Failure to access account after expiry of beta version 10 07/06/24

Mail Client beta version 10 .0.1495

The above version expired expired today, ,and unfortunately it was accidentally used by me recently as my default program.

I had previously used the correct current (non beta) versions for years without mishap.

I had reimported old messages when needed.

Now my account has been switched to “offline” and I cannot send or receive any new messages at all !!

Reinstalling EM as the current released version 9, does not allow me restoring or importing 10000 messages ,which I backed up from this beta version , even if I delete my 2 email profiles and reinstall them !!

Please advise how I reinstall you program and a) reaccess my old profiles b) successfully restore 10k messages .

My account profiles on EM Client version 9 now show a red warning triangle, and refuse to reinstall.

This is not a restriction from my email server Virgin, who are sending web messages normally

I hope this does not mean I can never again use your program for new messages and new savings when required


R Phillis


If you are finished testing the beta, you can downgrade back to the official version 9 release by following the downgrade instructions here.

Or you can install a newer beta from the Release History if you want to continue testing, or until the official version is released.

I tried to downgrade when this first happened as mentioned above ,but version 9 automatically updated to version 10 to obtain the backup I had !!
I will check your instructions to see if there is anything different available