Failure after upgrade from v8 to v9


maybe someone could help me.
After upgrading from v8 to v9 (latest) under Windows 7 the sync of mail for almost all accounts fails (red triangle, the server could not be reached).
Via imap/smtp it is not possible to reach the mailserver of or Only secureimap.t-online. de is possible to reach.

To be clear: There is no firewall, no vpn and so on. The thing is simple: Upgrading from v8 to v9 changed something or something is missing.

Best regards

Your problem could be Windows 7.

Its no longer supported by Microsoft for security updates and no longer safe to you. You should be running Windows 10 by now which was a free upgrade years ago.

Also alot of stuff in the recent eM Client 9 version also doesn’t work due to stuff missing in Win 7 that is no longer supported. I would stick with the version you have untill you upgrade your OS.