failing to connect

quite a few times there is a lost connection to my server but the internet connection is good cant seem to find out why run the connection test and it all seems fine

I have absolutely the same problem, but only recently. Previously it ran perfectly. I love this program.

I often get this, but it seems to clear itself on subsequent send/receive refreshes.

A few of my email accounts are Gmail - and I suspect there’s something a bit shonky about the way Google allows you to connect to their accounts, security-wise.

Occasionally, eM Client will timeout connecting to a server (usually a server issue), it will then try again and succeed.  Unfortunately, there is no way to change the timeout perios.  If you are getting the operations window popup and you don’t want to see it, go to menu/tools/settings/general and in the Operations Windows section, uncheck “Show window when an error occurs”.