Facebook's chat pop up

why for some contacts I don’t have the pop up notification in eMClient ?
Is it due to some configuration in Facebook or something to do with eMClient ?

the notification appears only if the contact status is changed - are you sure that it is the case?

what do you mean by status changed?
I can be wrong, but I’m sure :slight_smile:
For example, somebody writes me a message on Facebook Chat - I’m not at home - the computer is open. I come back home and find the chat’s window open with the message.
This is not the case for two of my contacts (I see their messages in Facebook or in iPhone).

Thank you for clarification. This is most probably FB issue. When a message is delivered to another device sooner it does not appear in eM Client.

Strange (for me).
Because I have FB messages showing pop up window coming from computers and from gsm phones.
If one day you have an idea…don’t forget me (and forgive me for disturb).