facebook chat window should not "pop as it pops"

When will you change the Facebook chat behavior that displays my message from web interface that I sent to person as new eM Client chat message? Are you serious about ignoring this problem continually?

It is not sent to your chat contact, it is only shown in eM Client with you as sender to better track the whole conversation. It is intended to be that way. Facebook use the special message for these messages sent from web interface.

I know it’s only displaying that message but even so it’s very uncomfortable to exit the window every time I want to send message through facebook and the chat window is not open. I would be happy (and I believe not only me) if you change the behavior somehow :wink:

I still can’t catch the core of the problem. What behavior exactly you dislike.
You don’t like notification when you send the message from Facebook in browser? Can you explain the problem once again please?

If I go to facebook through web browser and send message to someone it creates new chat window in eM Client (no chat windows until that) with the message I sent. It’s uncomfortable e.g if I want to send messages (in browser) to someone who is offline. I think these messages (i.e. only me sending by browser) should be ignored in eM.

So did you catch it now?