Facebook calendar setup

What is the procedure? Facebook provides you with a webcal:// URL not HTTP
I changed it to http, still doesn’t work.
I get sync errors and nothing shows up.

As far as I know you cannot use a Facebook calendar in any other application.

eM Client supports Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, iCloud, Fruux and CalDAV for editable calendars, as well as iCal for read-only Internet calendars.



From that eM Client page, it appears that the Facebook events are configured as an Internet calendar. So get the address as described in the StackExchange page and paste that in eM Client in Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar. This will be a read-only calendar.

That did it! It’s too bad they show a feature, but give no instructions on how to use it on the same page. Thank you!

How should Facebook’s birthdays be exported now?
It has changed the page and I can not find a way to export birthdays.
Can you please help me
Thank you