Fabulous Email Client

Very good application, It totally blows Outlook out of the water!!

It’s free, and that’s even better!!!

if they offered a fairly low cost, 2-3 pro+personal client option i’d easily pony up 50 dollars.

this program is so good. for one shortcoming it has, it has 10 positive things i can say about it.

outlook, on the other hand… for every good thing i can say, i can say 10-20 bad things about it.

to focus on em, i love that if i get a new message, it shows the new mail icon on the system tray. then if you simply open the client, it CORRECTLY assumes you know there’s new mail and the icon goes away. if it’s some informational message that i dont need to directly open, i LOVE that the icon goes away even though the message that made the icon come up stays unread. sounds nit picky, but that’s the WAY IT SHOULD WORK!

support has been stellar. even though this is community driven support, they still have at least one guy who tries to answer the questions. that makes me FAR more happy with the software.

so glad i dont have to deal with stupid outlook, WLM, or thunderbird (which is being abandoned by Mozilla, BTW)