Extreme Slowness Including Original Message Text in Reply

I have configured eM Client to include the original message text when both replying to and forwarding an e-mail.

If the original e-mail is as little as 200 kB in size or more, it is excruciatingly slow navigating or making changes to the copied text in the “New Message” window.

For example, if I reply to an e-mail, and then in the “New Message” window I press CTRL+A (Select All) and Delete, it can take eM Client 30 seconds or longer to actually delete all of the text in the window (the text remains highlighted and all cursor control is halted before the highlighted text disappears). I have no problem managing the same text in, say, Windows Notepad.

I have disabled both automatic spell-checking and translations and set mail formatting to “plain text” (I have no interest in using HTML in my e-mails), but eM Client remains sluggish.

jueves 02 febrero 2023 :: 1624hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @Slartibartfast

OK, so when did this start?
What version of eMC?
Windows or Mac and version?
Do you have HDD or SSD?
Have you tried disabling anti-virus that checks email?

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I downloaded eM Client version 9.2.1222 (ca10485) for Windows from the eM Client Web site. I am a first-time user and am evaluating various e-mail clients, including this one.

I have a high-speed SSD. All non-Microsoft anti-virus programs are disabled.

For comparison, I just set up an Azure Virtual Machine (Windows 10 Enterprise x64 V2 with standard SSD) and installed eM Client version 9.2.1222 (ca10485). eM Client behaved the same way.

UPDATE: The slowness manifests mostly with plain text e-mails.