extra contacts showing in autocomplete, recipient cache

Hey there

I have a bunch of contacts that are not really contacts showing in the autocomplete lists.  The are not people I have sent mail to before but have sent me email.  This is confusing me, and usually I can type “TRA” and get to my customer named Tracy very quickly.  Instead, sometimes other entries are added to this list even though I have never added them as contacts.  This is not to be confused with the privacy/whitelist issue reported elsewhere, mine is blank, or the setting that adds all emailed people as contacts, mine is off.

When The recipient is added as a recip in the email, if I right click on it , it is a contact.  If I open the contact I see it is myaccount/Contacts/Recipient Cache/ .  Is there any way to stop this?

This is something added by your mail provider, not eM Client. You should be able to configure it using the web interface for your email account.

Hi Gary, so I don’t see it anywhere on O365, but it seems that whenever I empty it, it’s rebuilt quickly.  It seems like I can remove it from contacts controls though this way, I am seeing if it prevents Emclient from resolving contacts to it:

Yes, I remember now that I did the same on my Outlook.com account. Thanks for the reminder. :wink: