External content not downloading although in whitelist

I have several email accounts that are in my whitelist and I have enabled them to make sure they download their emails fully. I also have tried hitting the download from this sender link but neither have resolved the issue of fully downloading these emails. Any suggestion? I did not have this issue with the older version, it only started here with version 9.

I think I may have found the problem. I first click download pictures and wait for all to be fully downloaded at which point I then click download for this sender. When I take that approach the email stops telling me to download for that email. I will have to wait and see if the program remembers this setting the next time they send a new email. I hope so though as I don’t want to constantly download the images every time they email me.

That just normally means the mail server hasn’t all updated the graphics as yet on the local client as sometimes happens with cloud accounts where you are only reading the headers initially.

If this happens again, “click to another prev or differant email” and then “click back on that email”. That will normally force the connection. Failing that restart eM Client as might just be a local cache issue.