Extensions/Plugins - Current Status?

What is the current status of implementation of an API/framework to allow for the creation of plugins/extensions?  I found some posts on this topic but they were all years old so I’m hoping that the status of “Yes we want/plan to do it” from 5 years ago has changed!  It’s not a deal killer for us, provided the TTF (time-to-fix) is decent and this does seem to be the case here (good because I really do like the app), and provided there aren’t any serious hidden land-mines, which is very difficult to be sure of no matter how tight the evaluation process! LOL

I developed an extensibility framework for one of my apps that included both pre-compiled code built against an API but also run-time code compilation providing a scripting feature.  I’m not suggesting the good folks here need to provide something that complex out of the gate, actually it’s the evolution of such an undertaking that attracts the “right kind” of people extending your app! I’m only suggesting that, as a developer, IM[!]HO it’s certainly possible to provide some very basic functionality even with limited manpower and resources.  

Ok enough rambling for now… I do hope the company is at least closer to that point… And if we do go with eM-Client I will certainly volunteer my effort and limited skillz to assist where possible!