Exporting from EmClient

I have recently moved a client from IMAP based email access via EmClient to Office 365 email accessed via Outlook.

to achieve the switch I accessed the IMAP account that EmClient is used for with Outlook, updated the folders and took a PST of it. I then imported the PST to outlook.

The client is now saying taht EmClient shows emails and a inbox folder structire that is not in Outlook.

What is the best way to move email out of EmClient in such a way that it can be put into Outlook?

Hi, you can export your emails using file - export, or let it synchronize over server when you set up same account in both Outlook and eM Client.


The synchronize option works only when em client & Outlook are install at time in same machine. My problem was I was making permanent switch to Outlook, so I had to take help from this program http://www.softspire.com/export-em-client-to-outlook.html

This tool solved my problem easily, as I didn’t need to re-install em client again & still go to move its emails into Outlook.