Export of email files

I can’t get export to backup my emails. I select Export then select eml. files, then check all the folders that have my emails in. Every time I do it, all it does is shows ll my folders being backed up. But they are empty, no emails are in them. Just blank folders. I done this about 12 different times with no sucess. These folders were all created by Import after I had lost my hard drive. I had to re-install eM Clinit and then Import my backed up email folders. Which worked fine. Now when I try to Export them for a back up it doesn’t work. Anyone got any ideas? Could use your help. Thank you.


See the following export to eml example

(eM Client Export selected folders to .eml documentation link)


Windows example.

1). To export your emails from the application to .eml files, click on “Menu / File / Export” in the main menu and the following window will appear

2). Choose the “Export emails to .eml files” option and click Next.


3). Check / Select all the items / folders you want to export and click Next.


4). Click Finish to finally export your email contents.

You can change the default location to save the exported .eml files by clicking the Browse button and select the desired destination directory