export mail to hotmail

Is it possible to first import eml files (created using WLM for many years) and then export them to my new hotmail account? So that they will be in my inbox and outbox in my Hotmail cloud. Using your free eM Client.

I do not use hotmail but it did work for gmail .

In EmClient created my email account for  gmail that was already existing.
I then using the emclient Import imported the eml files into the folder that I created on the emclient.
The Importer wants to import by folder  to folder so you need to have your eml files in a folder structure.

Once imported to emclient.   emclient will sync it with my gmail account and it was all there.

 On pc folder called  statements    which contained all eml from my bank.
On emclient I add a new folder called Bank_Statements    which also created the same folder on gmail.
The Imported   Menu - File _Import  selected    eml files    selected the statement folder on pc  and selected the target on emclient  Bank_Statement . 
I imported it to emclient    then sync it to gmail.   Depending on the size and number it may take a while.
Use a small number for a test.

I would recommend backing up emclient first   so you can restore if all goes to Hell.  Menu File Backup

Hi Richard,

Your post is very informative and complete, thanks! Judging by your experience I believe I can do exactly what I want to do. I’ll let you know the results but don’t hold your breath!