Export individual emails

Can I export selected emails rather than complete folders?

Just “highlight the specific emails” you want to export, and then “drag them onto your desktop”. The original emails still stay in eM Client. Dragging them out merely makes a copy of the same email.

The dragged out emails will be in .eml format and can be reopened in eM Client anytime should you need to or any other standard .eml mail reader.

One dragged out, you can then put the separate emails into any desktop or other location folder you.

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Thanks - just what I needed to know - and simple!

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However…when dragged onto desktop (or another folder) the file name given is the email subject. If exported using Export function on the whole folder, each email header has the date and time stamp in the file name, eg “2022-06-01 08-50-32 Email Subject”

Is it possible to drag and drop individual emails with the date and time stamp added to the file name?