Export Freezing

Hi, I’m trying to help a user of eM Client (running v7.0.27804.0, I have asked him to update).

He has just left one company and no longer has access to their email system (it’s been shut down) but has 7000 emails in his Inbox that need exporting. The process starts to work fine, I select a location to save them to and the process starts but when it hits an email that isn’t fully downloaded it pops up with a prompt to ignore and continue (which I select). At this point the process halts and becomes unresponsive. I have to crash out of eM Client to try again and it’ll stick at the same point every time. If I delete this particular email it’ll go on to the next and have the same issue.

Is this a bit of a bug? I can’t find any way of determining which out of the 7000 emails are not fully downloaded, so sifting through them is not an option!

As I mentioned at the start, he can’t connect to his mailbox as it no longer exists, but does keep popping up with logon boxes which have to be ignored.

I’d appreciate any help on this, thanks.

I have the same problem.
So I installed Version 7.1, unfortunately with the same result.

As a workaround I tried to copy the mails in a local folder.
Here the software doesn’t freeze, but the folder stays simply empty…

Has anybody an idea?

the problem seems to be fixed in v7.1 just for the case that I turn the software to “offline-mode”.

Now it works for me with following restriction:
The mails with not downloaded attachments won’t get exported at all.

In online-mode the software still freezes when finding a not fully downloaded mail.