export folders including messages other then EML


I have been talking with your pro-service (2012/12/19 Juraj Micek ) as since I have up-graded to 5.0 (a month ago) I have only problems and could not use anymore eM Client to sync with my Gmail account and even worse with my Yahoo account.

I have bought The Bat licence and would like to move all directories and emails (approx 2GB of files) using the *.DAT files extension and not *.EML that will take much longer.

Can you help on handle it?

Tks and rgds

I am afraid you cannot simply move the DAT folders. Maybe the easiest way would be upload all your messages to the server, then set the account in The Bat and download it there.
I have also talked with Mr. Micek and he told me that your ticket is still open and that our developers are trying to simulate the issue you are having. Please be patient I am sure they will respond in a short time.