Export file broken?

Windows 10 / eM Client ver: 8.2.1237 (b402cf3)

I recently had to perform a clean install of my OS so I exported all of my emclient settings to an xml file (all ‘types’ ticked as I didn’t want to risk losing anything) and then crossed my fingers.

Upon reinstall the settings failed to import. I fixed it but just wondered if this and the other issue below should be raised with a support ticket as someone else may have been stuck for days without knowing how to edit xml files. I had to manually delete that particular line in the xml file which fixed the import process but would still like to know what went wrong.

  1. Settings (xml file) failed to import.

Error: The ‘ListsMultilineLineHeight’ element is invalid. - The value ‘30’ is invalid according to it’s datatype ‘Integer’ - The MaxInclusive constraint failed.

I don’t know xml but this looks like a formatting command and the UI did look different somehow when I got it back up and running.

  1. Tags were lost (most significant loss for me)

My customised tag ‘names’ are listed in the xml file but haven’t imported and all emails that were using those tags have lost their association with them.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

That is a weird XML error.

I’ve personally never restored the XML settings file using eM Client for Windows, but suggest (before doing a clean install of the O/S), to always first backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and copy the eg: backup_202105040845 .zip file from C:\Users\yourname\Documents\EM Client to your external drive to then restore the backup via “Menu / File / Restore” once the OS and EMC are reinstalled. Put the .zip backup file in its original location before you restore. Everything then is restored as it was.

Note:- I would make two backups of eM Client just to be on the safe side if i was reinstalling an OS.

That information would not have been in the settings.xml file.

I know it is not of any use after the fact, but a better option would have been to backup eM Client, then after the OS reinstall, restore from that file.

Thanks for the suggestion though I deliberately chose the path I took as I wanted the settings backed up and not the emails.

All my emails sit on various cloud servers which negated the need (I thought) to have a separate local backup file containing thousands of emails and potentially containing GBs of data. If I chose incorrectly then what’s the point of having the export settings feature?

Thanks for your reply.

It makes sense now that I think of it that it wouldn’t store the associations but it still doesn’t explain why the tag ‘names’ that I created haven’t restored correctly when the export feature specifically provides for it and when I can actually see those names in the .xml file.

I guess I’ll just have to recreate them.