Export events to csv or excel

The calendar part of the application is the only one I’ve found that is as good as Thunderbird/Lightning for displaying quirky recurrence definitions.  What I find is missing though, is the ability to export the events between specified dates (e.g. 1 Jan-31 Dec …) to a text file (csv) or Excel; the only option is to create another ics(!)

This capability would be perfect for creating a printable monthly agenda, or, in my case, the diary for a year book.

Hello Richard,

Thank you for the feedback. It is possible to export events into .csv in the Calendar Agenda view. Select the events that you’d like to export -> right-click -> Export List -> Export to CSV. This exports the content of the columns that are displayed in the list view. To choose which columns you’d like to display, right-click the column names and choose ‘Columns Configuration…’
You can search events between specific dates if you are in the Calendar sections and go to Menu -> Edit -> Find and use options Before and After.


Unfortunately that doesn’t fit what I’m thinking of. 

What I’m actually after is an interpreted export - thus what I’m after are recurring definitions that were defined in (say) 2008 exported for the coming year … the agenda option only appears to say ‘recurring from 2008’ (if you get my drift); what I want to know is that a definition that says ‘the second Wednesday in March’ this year is 8 March.  It would also be useful to be able to define the start and finish dates for the export. 

The application can decode and display the recurrence definitions to show a graphical calendar, so would it be possible to export a  text table of same?

Does that make sense?

Any further comment on this?