Export Calendar to CSV is broken in ver 8

For many years and many versions, I’ve been using the function of exporting a set of calendar events to a CSV, so I can then do work on Excel. However, starting on Version 8, the export messes up in about 20% of the exported items.
I suspect that it’s not parsing the item “Summary” correctly, thus shifting “Location”, “Start” and “End”. It apparently repeats that “Summary” item, and the second part goes into the next 3 items (location, start, and End).

Feel free to contact me if you need additional infol


Does anyone from Em Client even read the posts here???

Possibly, yes. But if you expect direct support from the company you need to pay for a pro licence to contact them in the support centre.

I understand, however if a company decides to host a board, you would expect them to monitor it. Especially when a bug is found. They should have the interest of fixing such bug.

Uninstalled version 8.

Installed version 7.2 and exporting to CSV from Calendar works perfectly. Stay away from vesion 8 until all bugs are worked out.

Bug report version 8: export to CSV from calendar is missing “Category”, I believe that’s why it messes up all the columns .

@Dan_in_ColoradoYes - my experience is that downgrading to v7 solves most problems! (I’m back to using v7.2.40748 which seems to be latest/last.) It seems eM Client have done themselves no favours with the release (and push) of such a buggy v8.0.2951 to users.

I have seen the odd comment from helpful PRO users in recent days but if eM Client support devlopers are visiting here they’ve made very few posts. If you look back a few years, company support posted fairly regularly.

A frequently voiced “popular opinion” is that they are all snowed with support request tickets from paying PRO users.

As far as I can see, the same error applies when exporting contacts.
Used to work perfectly and for a long time, as in years.
Reported problem two months ago, as I have three lifetime pro licences.
Bug was accepted and fix promised. I think two months is WAY to long to wait.
I need this data, no work around has been offered, I am no longer recommending this product.

Here are the ticket details and the date accepted as a bug.
On Wed, Sep 30, 2020, at 6:56 PM, Olivia Sadler wrote:

Thanks Colin,

The developer has confirmed to me now that the bug has been fixed and the solution will be released soon in an update, if we can have your patience until then.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Olivia Sadler

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: 116448
Department: eM Client Support
Type: Issue
Status: Open
Priority: High

I tried to reproduce this when exporting the list to CSV in an 8.1.x internal build. It looks OK to me.

If you have a Pro License, you can change the update mode in the License Manager. Setting it to Testing will allow you to get the 8.1 build, but be aware that this may not be a stable version, so it is not recommended to use it in a production environment.