Export/Archive Individual Subfolder

New user and have seen a few of my questions answered here.

I am a consultant currently using G Suite. One of the things l do is label/subfolder all project emails with the project name. When I close a project, I archive the emails along with all the other documents in the project’s folder on my hard drive. In G Suite, I use it’s Takeout function to export the whole bunch to an mbox file which I move to the close project folder.

Is there a way to replicate this with eM Client? It doesn’t have to be Gmail and it doesn’t have to be mbox. Just something externally storable and retrievable.

The nice thing about mbox, is that it is a single file containing all the messages and attachments for the project.

Unfortunately eM Client does not have mbox as an export option. What it does have is eml format. The difference is that eml is a single file for each message, so you will end up with a directory for each project rather than a single file. To use this export option, select the messages you want to save and by right-click choose Save As. You can also achieve this by Menu > File > Export > Export to eml format, then selecting a single or multiple folders.

Of course if you are using Gsuite, you can still export to mbox from the web interface, so it doesn’t matter which email client you are using.

Thank you. Will eM client view and mbox?

eM Client can import mbox files.

The difference between mbox and eml, is that eml files don’t need to be imported to be viewed. Double clicking on the file will open it directly in your default email client without importing. mbox needs to be imported, viewed and then later deleted form the email client.

Thank you. Yeah, for this purpose mbox works a bit better.