Exclude junkmail from unread mail

My mail setup gives, that all spam-mails end up in the folder “Junk E-Mail”. (Using Activesync)
However, when I go to the smartfolder “Unread”, I also get all messages from the “Junk E-Mail” folder.
Is there anyway to exclude that folder from the Unread smartfolder.?

Hi Torben this is unfortunately not possible using eM Client’s settings.
But if you have the junk moved to the junk folder by server, eM Client should not synchronize the junk folder unless you click on the folder, and if the junk folder is not synchronized new email should not show up in the unread smart folder.

Is this something that doesn’t occur in your eM Client?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
From what I can see, eM client automatically Syncs all folders.
This also means the Junk Folder.
Spam is added to the folder server-side. Unfortunately I’m not able to, at this point, to mark the mails ad read upon moving them.

Well, as it is not possible to exclude folders, I would like to add this as an future feature request :slight_smile:

Hi again, I’ve got a few more information from the developers to this issue. This is actually due to the ActiveSync protocol as eM Client is not able to determine the junk folder using this protocol.
In future releases it is possible that eM Client will be using IMAP with Outlook (ActiveSync) accounts. But this actually depends on the service provider if other services like calendars will be supported with this protocol.

Or you can even setup the account as IMAP now, but without the option to use Calendar/Contacts services.
Using IMAP the junk folder should not be included in the unread folder.

Hope this helps and thank you for the feature suggestion,