Exclude emails in "other" gMail Folders" when deleting Mail in the "All Mail Folder"

eM Client provides extensive advanced email search but as of this writing does support exclusion of mail that has a gMail user labels.

Background. gMail does not use folders to store mail, rather it uses tags or user labels. That is gMail folder “All Mail” contains a copy of all every email, and there is only one copy of this email. Other “folders” in gMail are simply views or lists of the emails in “All Mail” with a specific tag / user label.

If an email in “All Mail” is deleted the tags / user labels are also removed, and the email is no longer viewable in the “folder” to which it was tagged / labeled. The email is gone.

As of this writing this only way I know of to exclude gMail emails older than a specific date and do not have a Google User Label [are not in an eM Client gMail Folder] is to enter the following query [modified to fit your requirements].

before:20130101 has:nouserlabels !in:inbox -label:sent -label:drafts

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As to the copy within the eM Client, the sync process with gMail deletes the emails deleted in gMail.

A screenshot of the current eM Client Advanced Search Options are attached.

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