Exclamation Marks by Folder

The trash and sent folders have dropped to the bottom of the page with a red ! Next to them. 
I cant move them back to the top of the page under inbox (which is where they were) - any ideas?

Hi Tasha,
eM Client tried to detect your Trash and Sent folders automatically but failed to find them under Inbox so it created its own - but they aren’t mapped to your actual folders.
If your Trash and Sent folders are under the inbox on your server, try manually setting the route to these folders.
Go to Tools>Accounts and under the IMAP tab of your affected account see the ‘Special folders’ section.
Uncheck the option to Automatically detect special folder names and set the Sent folder to ‘Inbox.Sent’ or ‘Inbox/Sent’ (this depends on how the route is set up on your server, you can just test these and see which one works). Do the same for the Trash folder.