[Exchange Web Services] MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Couldn't get server version.

This product initially looked good, I installed it to review it as an alternative to Outlook as an exchange client, but all I get trying to connect is “[Exchange Web Services]  MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Couldn’t get server version.”

We and most of our clients use in house exchange 2010 servers with POP downloaders collecting mail from multiple publicly hosted domains and pop servers to a single in house server the publicly hosted POP server is running on Helm.

I used manual setup which actually still uses a wizard so settings still have to be changed afterwards, when I try to login to my server on ie browser using the URL https://office.MYDOMAIN.ie/EWS/Exchange.asmx  I get the usual self assigned certificate error but can proceed to a login box.

I have tried to connect locally over VPN or remote connection using public IP or DNS, my android phone is connecting fine to my exchange server, outlook MAPI connects fine on my laptop over VPN, I turned off antivirus and windows firewall for testing all to no avail. the stupid can’t verify server version message is all I get in the logs.

This is frustrating I have now wasted over two hours on this buggy product when it takes seconds to connect a mail client from any mobile device, I really looked forward to reselling the pro version of this but if I can’t even get the free trial working for myself then this was a complete waste of time!!!