Exchange Web Service error


i just downloaded eM Client, and make some try before buy, or not.

I have a problem with an exchange (outlook 365) account.
I have installed the account, and it has be synced, but, i have Exchange Web Service error. When i click on the alert icon, sometimes it continue syncing, sometime not.

Have an idea ?


Hello, so, i see this forum is a little bit dead… Too bad when you have pre sale problem. I hope the pro support will be better with a purshased plan.

My problem is OK now. No more alert. Perhaps was only on the first synchronisation periode.

Yes, Exchange is a little under-discussed on this forum. I guess that is because Exchange issues usually occur with business users who have Pro Licenses, so they go straight to Support, or they have their own in-house support.

I only have basic experience with Exchange so I usually don’t comment of Exchange questions.

Hello, thank you.
The answer you just gave would have been enough for me. I would have understood that with the pro I could have had more help on this subject :slight_smile: