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Hi all
is it possible to add exchange shared mailboxes to em client 7?
E.g. on thunderbird it means to add a user like:[](
with the standard user’s password.




I am evaluating; I have Office 365 shared mailboxes and those mailboxes have delegated access to me (and others).  I.e. “I have full mailbox permissions” on the shared folder

I am able to add them to emClient by going to Tools|Accounts and selecting my Office 365 account.   

Go to Exchange Web Services Tab.  Under Delegation click on “show” next to accounts you can access.

On the pop up, Click Add, another pop up, enter the username of the mailbox (just like in Outlook) and hit search, it will find the mailbox, you click Add, it goes on the list. 

Repeat as needed and then hit OK.


Hi Jerry,

Love this answer and it works well as you have suggested.

However, when I set it up this way the shared mailbox inherits the signature information from the main account rather than being set independently.

Is there a way to set it up as a separate account similar to the iphone as suggested in the original post?



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Hi all,

First: push! Is there a way to set up a delegated mailbox as an independent one in the client? Is it possible to rename those mailboxes? The client gets some cryptic ID from the Exchange Server (which I cannot influence) instead of having a human-readable name. The field in right click > properties are locked.