Exchange Service blocking eM Client sending email

Hello Guys,

My company uses Office 365 (Go Daddy) to mange incoming and outgoing emails. We have a database email which we BCC everytime and an agent’s personal email.

We’ve been having some issues lately with eM Client between different agents. It seems, if you were to send an email with large size attachement (say 20MB video or images ), eM Client does warn you, and tries to send it, but it doesn’t return a no delivery if it exceeds the email’s limit; therefore, I don’t know it if wasn’t sent. 
Furthermore, because eM Client keeps trying to send that email, it blocks every other email after that being sent. Now, clearing cache would fix this, but not all of our agents are technical in this and some of them don’t know how to clear cache and doing this every months is quite annoying.

My questions is,
Is there a way not to have this issue reoccurred? Maybe a way to set eM Client to clear cache periodically like “Auto Archieve”? 

Besides from issue, eM Client is working really great!

Thank you for any help I could get.

If the message with the large attachment was sent, it should be in the Sent folder. The date and time on the sent message is the only confirmation you will have. If it was not sent it will be in the Outbox. That will most likely be the Local Folders Outbox. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Or right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox.

As a Pro License user, you may want to open a support ticket and get some suggestions or feedback from the developers about clearing the message cache.