Exchange Server - Subfolders won't Sync

Seems inbox and sent items will sync but I cant get the subfolders to. Cant see anything in settings
What am I doing wrong?
Running free version

The Inbox will sync in 1 minute intervals.

The sub-folders will sync according to the interval set in Menu > Settings > General > Synchronization, or immediately when you click on the folder.

If the folders are not syncing at all, then there may be an error in Menu > Operations > Log tab.

Thank you Gary. Thought that myself soon as I’d click on the folder it would sync but nothing is happening… what would you suggest I need to do in Log Tab?

After you have clicked on a folder and it does not sync, go to the log tab and see if there are any Exchange Web Services errors.

You might want to clear the log tab first (there is a button) then try the sync failure again. That way there will not be so many lines to go through.

Thanks. So is it something set up wrong? If inbox syncs why wouldn’t everything?

It depends on what the error is.