Exchange server mails "flag for recipient" by default


My problem is somewhat related to a discussion presented as an Idea 5 years ago:

I use eM Client interchangably with Outlook to manage my email account on an Exchange 2010 server, and I frequently mark (flag) incoming emails to read/respond to them later. The problem is that when I flag an email on eM Client, it is displayed on Outlook with a “flag with a blue person” symbol ( ) instead of a single flag ( ), as if the email has been flagged by the sender “for recipient”.

If I happen to use the “Categorize” option for marking emails and choose a color (say, “blue”), the email is displayed on Outlook with a white label bar that says , instead of a blue rectangle (  ) or a blue label bar that says   , which would be the default way if I did the same thing on Outlook. This makes finding emails really difficult, as the category color is not shown in the “Categories” column of the side pane.

Is there a setting on eM Client yet, after these 5 years, to make flagging and categorizing emails compatible with / similar to what I would get with Outlook?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Ed,

The development of eM Client has the goal to make the program compatible with most of the mail servers and email protocols. It’s unfortunately impossible to develop eM Client the way that it would have all features of the other email clients too. As these flag types don’t sync with the mail server, it’s impossible to sync them to eM Client later.