Exchange Messages Not Deleted

From within eM Client, I deleted thousands of emails from my Office 365 mailbox (configured as Exchange Web Services). They no longer appear in the Inbox from within eM Client, but they are still present when I access the mailbox using a browser. How can I fully “process” deletions?
Thank you!

There were some issues like this with older versions of eM Client and Exchange servers.

What version are you using? (Menu > Help > About)

Using version = 8.0.3385. Fresh install.

I tried to reproduce it with an Exchange server, and a newer eM Client internal build.

I deleted all but the current week’s messages. They moved to the Trash folder in eM Client, and when I viewed the web interface, some of them were still there in the Inbox, though after a few seconds they disappeared to the Trash as well.

Don’t know what to suggest Alan, other than you could contact Office365 Support and see if there is some issue with your account, or if you have an eM Client Pro License, open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to see if there is any issue with eM Client by viewing your logs. Or maybe the issue is still there in 8.0.3385, and is now fixed in the internal version I am using.