Exchange Folder structure not correct


I am currently running eM Client version 7.0.26134.0 with an IMAP account and an Exchange 2010 account. The IMAP Account is fine, but on the Exchange account, the folder strucuture of one subfolder is completely messed. In Outlook or owa, it works fine. Anyone an idea?

Hello Gadric,
are there any errors in the Error tab of the Tools>Operations window, and if so, can you copy the contents of the Log tab here?
Could you also provide a screenshot of your folder structure on your server and from eM Client?



no. there is no error in the operations tab. Here are the screenshots. As you can see, the “Forschung” folder is completely missing and the subfolders are displayed as subfolders of the Inbox. There are also subfolders missing under “Lehre”

eM Client

Server structure