Exchange: Download messages for Offline use?

I am a new user, checking out if it is a good idea to move from Outlook to eM Client.
One thing that prevents me from switching is the search feature: it only searches in headers, not in the message itself.
I am looking for the “Download messages for Offline use” setting for my Exchange account in Tools -> Accounts, but it does not appear to be there. Is this feature supported for Exchange accounts?

you can actually set your search in the drop down menu and choose in which categories to search, be it subject, sender, recipient, body or all of them (which is actually usually the default setting).
‘Download messages for offline use’ is only needed for IMAP accounts, because Exchange accounts download the body of the message by default. The only thing you should need to set for a full message is ‘Download attachments for offline use’ because those are the only thing not downloaded automatically.

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Where is the setting for “Download Attachments for offline use”? I have been looking everywhere for it and cannot find it.

I believe that is the default in Exchange and the only option. If you have an IMAP account, go to menus/tools/accounts, select the appropriate account and go to the IMAP tab. In the middle of the dialog box check “Download messages for offline use”

Attachments never download till I click on them. That is why I am looking for that setting.

So, you’re using Exchange?  Don’t know about attachments, don’t have an Exchange account.  Sorry.