Exchange and gmail delete

I’d like to use em client with both a gmail account and exchange account. However, since gmail doesn’t really use the concept of ‘delete’ it makes em client functionality inconsistent. For instance, I want to be able to hit the delete key and the gmail email would drop to the ‘all mail’ archive but an exchange email would go to deleted items. The closest I’ve been able to come is show both the archive and delete buttons on the screen, but I know I won’t remember to always use those instead of the delete key. Finally, a lesser issue I’ve noticed with gmail is if I shift-delete an email to permanently delete it still just goes to ‘all mail’ instead of the trash or gone entirely like you’d expect.

Is there a way I can configure em client to work the way I’d like? It seems if the delete hotkey could be mapped to different functions based on the folder/account that would solve this. Which is the way phone apps behave.

any thoughts on this?