Exchange Account Setup

I have just installed this software and love it. However, trying to setup my work account, which is Exchange, does not work. How do I do this? It tells me that the server has been contacted but the credentials are wrong.

Did you try to set the account manually? Click New Account - Mail - Other and follow the instructions to create your account.

This does not work. It is simply an Exchange server, there are no instructions for POP or IMAP setup. I have no trouble on Android, or using Thunderbird and I know others use iOS devices with no issues.

if you use the account in Thunderbird, try to import it into eM Client from there.

I don’t have it installed any more! I still have it Outlook though…

Just tried that, not sure how to do it, tried File -> Import with no luck. Unless its a PST (which it isn’t) no luck.

Thunderbird uses Profiles, not PST files. Open C:\Users\Current user\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird to see if there is present any folder named Profiles.

Well, I was wrong. Thunderbird cannot connect either. Big Red Face here. However, when doing an import from Outlook using ‘Import from Microsoft Outlook (Legacy)’ it looks like it imports everything succesfully, but does not show up the account when finished.

Did you use the option “Import whole accounts”?

Yup, no luck. Will try again though. Never know your luck…

Just tried again. Went through the whole thing, picked the correct account, take ages, completed ok, no account set up.

I forgot to mention that you have to use IMAP protocol, we plan to fully support Exchange using MAPI in the version 6.0.

I got the settings to use IMAP/SMTP and it worked! Thanks. This will be fine for me as I will only have the email for this year! Next year, Lotus…

Hi, I wanted to see an update on this topic - I also have an Outlook Exchange e-mail account at work that isn’t compatible with Thunderbird or other 3rd party client.

It _does_ work with Apple Mail but not with any Windows product I found (except for Outlook).

When do you expect eM Client 6 to come out since we’re currently on version 4?

Probably no sooner than in a 4 months.

I love Em Client’s clean interface and Gmail integration, but, like others, need MS Exchange server support for access to email at work. Any info on when and if this might happen would be appreciated.

I’d also like to have an ability to connect MS Exchange. Any updates regarding this topic?

I am sorry but it is still under development.

Any news?


yes, Exchange WILL be implemented in 6th version which will be released in few weeks. I myself tested calendar synchronization :slight_smile: