Exchange account is not showing up in any section of the client after adding

The account was added and connected successfully, my problem lies in the fact that there is no evidence of the account in Mail, Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks. I see the option to ‘Send and Receive’ mail from that account under the ‘Refresh’ pull-down menu, but choosing that option does nothing except for “search for folders” (as prompted in the bottom left). The account does show up in the Accounts settings though.

Thanks in advance for your help!  Log

I have exactly the same issue, but I don’t see an answer posted

Hi Leigh,

How is the mail account set in eM Client? Do you use the option of an EWS account or the option of EAS together with IMAP that is meant for accounts?


Hi Russel,

Thanks. I initially used the manual account setup methodology selecting “Exchange” as the mail type in the account setup and that defaults to EWS. I did some research and found some documentation that suggested the “Outlook” option uses EAS, but you have to try to actually setup an account access, let it fail and then change the server to point to your actual EAS server. The prompt images in that document are not what I actually see though and I believe it was for a back version of emClient. I tried the same process in the current version and it just keeps asking me to actually login into a Microsoft Account with their servers, even after changing the server URL. I also reached out to emClient support and was told they don’t support EAS. I suspect that the original poster on this thread may have done the same thing I did and used the Exchange setup option - it just doesn’t work with a server not setup for EWS. Any additional input would be great.


PS - I am a paid emClient subscriber and working with Anthony on an open ticket for this as well, but was hoping to find a workaround. This thread was describing exactly my symptoms, but there was no answer on it and I couldn’t find anything in the FAQs related to EAS. 

Hi Leigh,

Thank you for the information, I’ll then leave this to Anthony.

The EAS is an obsolete solution that we keep for those servers that still didn’t fully transfer to EWS. For other accounts it probably won’t work. However, we advise the users to use EWS for accounts.


Hi Russell, unfortunately the server in question does not support EWS, but does support EAS (somewhat less feature rich, but more bandwidth and data usage efficient). Just FYI, Windows 10 Mail still supports EAS and EAS doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon due to the mobile device arena, so enabling it in emClient seems to make sense if you have the option.

For your information, the server in question is used with a large N. A. wide business association in the promotional goods arena, so this is not a back room service for 5 users. I just set the account up in Windows 10 Mail quite easily and it works well, I prefer emClient, but Mail is capable of properly supporting my Gmail account, my imap account and this Active Sync account - whereas emClient will only handle 2 of 3 it seems.

From your message it sounds like there may indeed be a work around within emClient though, can you share if that is true? Thanks.

Leigh McBain

Hi Leigh,

I’m sorry for the misspelling in my previous post. I meant AirSync as the obsolete option for Outlook accounts, not Exchange Active Sync. We keep the AirSync as an option to the accounts where we use IMAP for the mail service combined with AirSync for the Calendar service until migrates all servers to EWS.

Exchange Active Sync wasn’t supported by eM Client before and we don’t plan introducing this feature in the future. I can only recommend you requestiong the provider to allow IMAP/POP3 or EWS protocol support.


Thanks Russell, the server supports imap/pop, but that does nothing for me in terms of contact and calendar sync support. That’s where EAS comes into play.

For these cases, eM Client supports CardDav and CalDav protocols to sync your contacts and calendar. Unfortunately, this is the only option in eM Client.

Do you offer a hosting service to house the CardDav and CalDav on or do you have any recommendations? Thanks.

Hi Leigh,

We don’t offer mail server services but from this field I can recommend you the IceWarp mail server ( We have a good experience with them as we cooperated before on several projects.