Exchange account - Events

When I create an event eM, it look fine in Outlook.  But when I delete an event in Outlook, the event is not deleted in eM.

Is your account setup as Exchange or IMAP?

Go to Menu > Tools Accounts, and see if you have an IMAP setup

or an Exchange setup.

Who is your email provider?

I used automatic setup.  It looks like as your second picture.  I don’t think it allows you to set up an Exchange account as IMAP.

Odd. Usually eM Client will setup an account as IMAP, even though it is an Exchange server. Anyway, I asked because Exchange usually gives better results than IMAP.

I’m not using  I’m connecting to my work Exchange.

Sorry Alex, you meant MS Outlook. My bad.

As a Pro License user you should open a support ticket with eM Client. They should be able to assist you with Exchange issues.