Excessive notifications of Delete Event from the past

I am using version 8.2.1721 (3b3cd99) on desktop that is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
All contacts, calendar, and tasks are stored locally. They are not sync’d to any server.

Long story greatly abbreviated: I am receiving windows notifications from EM Client every 18 seconds for a past event that was deleted 115 days before the scheduled event time.

  • May 9th I created an event for 3:00-3:15pm, Sept 12th.
  • May 20th the event was canceled and I deleted the event from EM Client.
  • Sept 10th I started receiving notifications for the event that was deleted. I clicked DISMISS.
  • Five minutes later I was presented with another notification. Again I clicked DISMISS.
  • Five minutes later another notification popped up. I clicked on the event to open the event then delete it again thinking I forgot to delete it previously. The EM Client program immediately crashed.
  • I restarted EM Client and was immediately presented with ten more notifications for the same event.
  • I ignored them and clicked ‘Clear All Notifications’
  • For the next two days I ignored all the notifications.
  • Fast forward to today Sept 14th - After I opened EM Client I received 202 notifications.
  • I again clicked on one of the notifications to open the event. I was promptly greeted with a Windows Blue Screen of Death.
  • I rebooted the device. I am now receiving a windows notification every 18 seconds for the deleted event.

Any idea how I can stop these notifications for a deleted event from the past?


  • I exported all my contacts and calendar events.
  • I uninstalled EMClient, deleted all data directories associated with EM Client, the rebooted device.
  • I reinstalled EM Client.
  • I did not configure any email accounts. I did not import any contacts or events.
  • I created five calendar events & five fake contacts. I closed EM Client and rebooted the device.
  • Three of five events have expired, but I am still receiving notifications for those PAST events, I cannot dismiss these events. The remaining two are still in the future. I am not able to edit, delete, or dismiss ANY event.
  • I tried to edit a contact, I was not able to edit. I found that I cannot edit, delete, or add more contacts.
  • Tried to create a new calendar event, I could not create a new event.

Paid $75 to upgrade two devices to Version 9 - still have the same problems.

No response from Support and no suggestions here so I guess I’ll be migrating back to Thunderbird.

Did you upgrade to the latest 9.1 release that is available here: Release History | eM Client

If yes, then open the settings and go to “General → Reminders”. Try check marking the “Automatically dismiss reminders for past calendar events”. See if that fixes your issue.

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I am having a similar problem today. A recurring appointment keeps popping up - sometimes for the next appointment, sometimes for a week or two or three in the future.

I tried to delete the event but it not delete- The pop up may have interfered.

I’m using Win 10 64 Bit Pro. eM is up to date,

I just downloaded a new installer, ran the repair option from Control Panel, rebooted, and it did not help. The program is unusable, since every few seconds the popup prevents anything else from working.

Any help would be appreciated.