Excessive Junk Mail

HI; I am receiving excessive amounts of junk mail recently. Most of the junk mail items are to various addresses which only include one word that is in my actual address.
Can I limit junk mail to only include mail that is sent to one of my actual addresses?

You can create a Rule to do this, but it is a little dangerous.

This Rule will move all messages you receive to the Junk folder, except those that are sent to the email addresses of the accounts you have setup ineM Client. The message will still be moved to Junk if you are a BCC recipient of the message, it is sent to one of your aliases, if it is forwarded from another account to one of your accounts, etc.

It may be better to train your email provider to recognise them as spam. If you use a provider like Google, they have artificial neural networks that detect spam, and if you mark one of these message as spam when in your webmail interface, the server will learn and similar messages will also be removed.