Excessive calendar update notifications

Over the weekend I updated my company to EM Client 7.2.34711.0. This week I had a user create a calendar item with about 20 people on it and the attendees received dozens of emails from our mail server notifying them that the invitation was updated.

The emails are being generated by our email server, which is running Icewarp and EM client connects to user calendars using CalDAV. The emails being sent to the attendees are actually generated by our email server, but we didn’t seem to have this type of issue before and I know the release notes mention fixes for data processing of CalDAV.

In this particular case know that each attendee received 47+ email notifications at this point about the invitation being updated. The .ics calendar item sent out to all of the people sometimes has an attendee filed updated to show that someone has accepted or declined, but I have also found multiple examples where the only fields that are different are the “LAST-MODIFIED” and “DTSTAMP” fields.

Has anybody else seen an issue like this before with Icewarp or another email server when using EM Client? I will be bringing this up on Icewarps forums as well, but since I also just updated EM Client and I expect there is a chance it could be how EM Client handles calendar items.

Yes I have had that issue. My email server is Zimbra. I can confirm that it is EmClient that is the issue. I reported it on the old forum but never did get an answer.

I know it is EmClient because I can update a calendar entry using my phone or the Zimbra client and it works perfectly. But if you update an event with EmClient even though you tell it not to send a notification it will. If you copy from one calendar to another it will send out all kinds of notifications.