exactly+one+of+non-empty Error Message

I am getting following error message: “Exactly one of non-empty rel, label is required for email address”
First, what does it mean?
Second, how can I fix it?

Hi Allan, unfortunately I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to, do you think you could specify the application’s behavior and possibly make a screenshot of the error you’re seeing and submit it to us here on the forum?

What version of eM client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? What mail service are you using to synchronize your items with eM client?

Thank you,

Using version 6.0.21372.0…Error on startup when synching with gmail (pop). Will try for screenshot next time. Thanks. Before this appeared, by the way, got error message that contact storage limit was exceeded, even though this was not the case…

PS: full text of message is "Uploading item(s) to folder “Allan Gmail/contacts” failed with an error. Execution of request failed: https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/contacts/default/full “Exactly one of non-empty rel, label is required for email address”

Hi Allan, seems like you’re uploading an invalid contact to your mail server, use the Repair feature for your contacts folder and check if the issue persists.

Right click the calendar folder under your account in the left pane and navigate to the folder properties, go to the “Repair” tab and use the repair button to resynchronize your contacts folder with the server.

This will essentially remove all your items from the contacts folder and synchronize (download) all the content that’s available on the server, e.g. valid contacts.

Will try this: thanks!