EWS + Contacts = Crash

Using EWS as my connection type, I created a new account, added contacts. No problem. When it fires off the synch with /contacts folder it crashes. Renamed folder, re-created account, added contacts from external. Imported contacts no problem, re-synch = crash. Links below are logs to assist with issue. Compresses task manager dump because it was HUGE.

Operation Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6271533/emc_opLOG.txt
TskMngr Dump: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6271533/MailClient.7z

MailServer: SmarterMail V13

Hi, what version of eM client are you currently using and how did you setup the account? Did you use the automatic setup?
Are you seeing some errors from the application?

If the application crashes a report window should be displayed, can you please click on the “Show error” button and post the crash log/error here on the forum?

Thank you,

Hi Paul - I’m using 6.0.21040.0

The log you’re referring to… isn’t that the “operation log” I posted above? It contains the show error tab. If there is something more or it’s not the correct one, I can provide it again.

Hi again, no that is not the error report I was referring to. You’ve mentioned the application crashes from time to time. If eM Client crash an error report should be displayed, allowing you to report the crash, in the report window there should be a “Show error” button included allowing you to view the whole error that occurred.

Can you please make a screenshot of the error displayed after “crash”.

Thank you,