Every sent email also appear in Trash

I have noticed that every email I sent from eM client, not only showing in the sent folder, but also in Trash folder (unread). I know the email is definitely sent, but why this strange behavior? I am on the latest version as of today.

Overall I like eM client very much

What mail service do you use? It is possible that the sent message is saved on the server as a draft and after you sent the message it is deleted.

I am using GMail service. And Yes, you are right! I have found out that myself couple days ago. Just for someone who has the same problem, there are two options to resolve this;

  1. In settings, disable auto save drafts; or
  2. In accounts, untick “automatically detect special folder names”, and set Draft folder to “Drafts” rather than "[GMail]/Drafts], it will save the drafts to local folder.

Thanks Tung-Chang Hsu for the solution. It seems to work :slight_smile: