Every draft that I saved is retained in the trash folder

Every time I save the draft of a message (regardless of whether I have special folders enable, regardless of whether I auto save drafts every X minutes), it gets retained in the “Trash” folder.

(This is not an unhelpful feature to have because it enables tracking of the progress of one’s drafts. However, it should be optional because as things currently stand, it leads to an incredible accumulation of meaningless junk in the “Trash” folder and largely renders it unusable.)

How can I make this stop?


if this happenes on Gmail, then we are unable to do anything with it. Gmail usually saves more drafts which are downloaded. Sending them to junk is only way how can we deal with it.


Is there any way to set Gmail to only save a single copy of the draft as opposed to a different copy each time the draft is saved (either directly by the user or indirectly by auto save)?

And then once the email is sent, delete the (last) saved draft?

Thank you for the followup.


Now I am receiving new that this is repaired in next patch and that should be released next week.

best regards