Every 1-2 Month the licence get "lost"

since official version 8 i have this annoying problem that emclient says it has no licence (anymore) after 1-2 month of use.
When i open the licence menu within the programm all fields are empty. So i have to go to the manager to get this information. this is annoying wespecaially if i only want to check my mails fast.
this never happen with the beta or an version < 8. pls fix this behaviour as fast as possible :frowning:

This could happen when you are using a Free License on more than one computer.

If you activate it on one, then activate it on another, the first will automatically deactivate.

Hi Gary
I only have pro lifetime licences. And im using always the same one

Can you please contact me directly with license information. gary@emclient.com