Ever Since the 7.0.30068.0 Update, eM Client Forgets its License Info After System Reboot

I’ve only been using eM Client for a few months now, and only one a single Windows 7 x64 computer. Everything was fine until updating to version 7.0.30068.0, and now when I restart the computer eM Client tells me it is not activated and that it will not sync e-mails until I activate it with a license key. My key works fine to activate eM Client, and I can use it normally after activating it with my key, however it will always require me to enter my license information again after a system restart.

Ok, once again, do not use version 30068.  It is problematic and has been pulled by eM Client.  Upgrade to 30242 by going here:  http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.30242/setup.msi

This, hopefully, will fix all your problems.  Sorry to sound short, but getting tired of typing this response…

That’s OK, but it might be easier to write a canned reply and just copy and paste it whenever needed (I searched for help on this topic and there was nothing recent that came up in the search result). :wink:

I assume that update issues were among the problems with 30068? Or is this new build not on the update feed yet?

The issues seemed to be many and far-reaching.  I never used that release (I’m a very happy 7.1 beta 2 user), so I’m not familiar with all the problems.  All I know is that when users install 30242, all their problems (at least their email problems) disappear.

Saw the following when starting my computer today (version 7.0.30242.0 is installed):

It may be more intermittent now, but it does appear to still be happening.

I have continued to experience this issue almost every day for the past 2 months. Since there seems to be no actual support for eM Client, and it isn’t capable of remembering its own license information after a reboot, I have switched to Trojita. It may not look as nice or have as many features, but being open source I don’t have to worry about license issues, so it performs the same function as eM Client for me (with the major exception that it is there when I need it rather than refusing to work until I dig around and find my license information to reactivate it).

I have exactly the same problem… have to reactivate it after every reboot. Not os Specific as I have it installed on both my desktop and my laptop. I used the same licence for both as it’s the same email account on both, maybe this could this be the problem? The licences could be machine specific rather than account specific.

Their license policy is one license per machine.  The behavior you describe is exactly what happens when you try to use one license on multiple machines.  If you have a second email address, you can use it for a second license.

But I don’t have a second email address… surely most people these days want to view there emails from the same account on multiple devices.

Unfortunately, it is what it is.  Snag a gmail address, they’re free.  Just use it for the license.

Yeah that’s exactly what I’ve done, but a bit of an oversight from the publisher… most people have a desktop and a portable machine. 

Or just use an open source e-mail client like Trojita, Claws Mail, Sylpheed, etc. They have no licensing, so you never have to worry about this issue, whether you’re like me and using it only on a single computer/device, or like you are using it on multiple computers/devices. Problem solved. :wink: