Events scheduled for Sundays between 11pm to midnight do not appear in Week View.

I tried to schedule an event for a Sunday at 11pm to 11:30 pm. It would not show up in Week View. I attempted it a number of times to no avail. The events showed up in Month View and Agenda, but not in Week View or Day View. When I changed the time or day of the event it would show up in all Views.

Hi, I am not experiencing this issue. Could you tell me your calendar account provider and eM Client’s version?


My calendar account provider is Fruux.
My eM Client version is 6.0.19714.0.

This issue seems to be time zone dependent. I am based in Sydney (UTC+10). When I change to a different time zone, I can see events in Week View in the 11:00pm slot. I can also see events at a time corresponding to UTC+10’s 11:00pm. But when I switch the time zone back to UTC+10, events at 11:00pm on Sunday disappear from Week View.

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