Events disappear

Hi everyone,

we’ve got a serious calendar issue. We are working with CalDAV calendars which generally works fine. But since last week we notice that some events are not displayed in emclient although they are on the server. The web frontend of the calenders displays these events with no problems, so does Thunderbird. So the events don’t seem to be generally corrupt.

I exported the events from the web frontend to ics files and had a closer look at them. One line started with ATTACH, followed by a large number of different characters. Trying to import the ics files I got the message that the files are invalid. Deleting the “ATTACH” line, I could successfully import the files.

So the problems seems to be linked to that line. My question is: Why, especially if other clients can handle that without problems.

Any ideas?


Hi Jochen,

Can you please tell us who is your calendar service provider?
Also you can send such event as .ics file to so we can get more information about your issue.

Kind regards