Event with Same Start and End Time

It would be nice if you could create an event with the same start and end time. Currently, you get a prompt that you cannot do that. While I realize it is not the most common thing to do, I will routinely create events with the same start and end time to just note a particular event that occurred during the day.


Hi, unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment as a lot of users wanted this feature of eM Client, currently for using the same start/end time, you have to use tasks, or just simply mark the event with a minimum duration.

Thank you for understanding, we’re considering adding the feature again for future releases,

Yes, I second this idea! There are so many zero-duration events that end up on my calendar that it is important to be able to create one without having to set the duration for say 1-minute. Please, have a “Duration” drop-down box that lets you easily set an event duration of: [0 hours], [1/2 hour], [1 hour], etc.